Oil Cap

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One of the privileges of ST Owners Club membership is getting in on group purchases where one member finds a deal or idea and helps make it available to the membership at large. One such deal was the Oil Cap replacement. Although this group buy hit some bumps in the road, eventually we came out with not only the aluminum cap, but a custom designed club "coin" that fit into the cap recess. I think really dresses up the already beautiful ST and below are detailed pictures to show it off.

OilCap_03.JPG (275329 bytes) OilCap_01.JPG (490524 bytes)
Here's a close-up of just the cap with the coin installed Here's what it looks like on the bike

The Oil Cap I am using was purchased from a Pep Boys store. It differs slightly from the actual final Oil Cap buy piece. But whichever billet aluminum cap is used, it's the addition of the STOC coin that really makes this farkle shine. 

Though some folks have recommended JB Weld or high temp silicone, I opted for the plain clear silicone sealant to secure the coin to the cap. It seems to be working out perfectly so far.

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