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Here are some favorite pictures of me, my bike and my friends. Some pictures are thumbnails and clicking on them will yield a larger version.

My former bike, a 1979 Honda CB750F

SilverSTreak alongside a riding buddy's BMW at a parking turnout just across the 7 mile Bridge in the Florida Keys

NewYearsDayRun_01.JPG (677020 bytes)

3 ST1100's and a couple of friends getting ready to go on a New Years 2002 ride

Oct99_tow02.jpg (72130 bytes)

A rare sight - My ST on a trailer being towed from NH to FL on a visit before I moved to FL

STAR01025a.jpg (888039 bytes)

My honey Eve and I, at a rest stop on our way from FL to the HSTA STAR '01 in PA

ST VoiceNavSetup_001.JPG (588104 bytes)

Ready to roll with my GPS/Laptop Voice Navigation system live!

EveLunch Ride01.JPG (850015 bytes)

Eve with her Nighthawk and my ST in the background - ready to depart on an HSTA Lunch Ride

Eve_Nighthawk_0008.JPG (784034 bytes)

Eve beaming proudly with her Nighthawk on one of her earliest rides

LunchRide_TrentonFL_0002.JPG (715617 bytes)

A couple of ST's that attended an HSTA Lunch Ride in Trenton, FL.

LunchRide_TrentonFL_0011.JPG (766882 bytes)

A custom colored (and with lots of other "under the hood mods") ST at the Trenton, FL. HSTA Lunch Ride

Eve on her upgrade bike
a Honda Magna 750

YellowST.jpg (209142 bytes)

Another custom colored ST - This one taken at the HSTA Lunch Ride to Astor, FL during Bike Week '02

Wrinkle Riders Social_010.JPG (642627 bytes)

Eve and I at a gathering of local riders
2 blocks from home so we dispensed with
protective gear

Blackwater Bike Week Lunch Ride Mar03_ 004.jpg (917477 bytes)

Yet another custom colored ST1100, this one taken at the Bike Week Lunch Ride in 2003!

STAR03_ 042.jpg (58632 bytes)

Here's a custom-colored ST1300 - the new replacement model for the retired in 2002 ST1100

A rare action photo of me on "The Dragon"
US129 at Deals Gap - TN/NC