Tech Details

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Here I have links to pages describing various modifications, tweaks, or as STOC (ST Owners Club) members call them "farkles". 


  • Parts List - A listing of parts, numbers and prices of parts I have, or plan to use to service my machine

  • Tankbag - Details of how I adapted a magnetic tank bag for use on the ST

  • Aux Power Outlets - How I power all my "toys" on the bike.

  • GPS Mount - Cheap, functional mount for GPS on the ST!

  • Oil Cap - A billet aluminum replacement cap with a club logo'd "coin" insert

  • Cruise Control - Electronic Cruise Control, just like what's in the car!

  • HID Headlight Conversion - High Intensity Discharge Headlights - more light - less power draw!

  • 40 Amp Alternator Upgrade